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Dallas Cowboys: Breaking Down the 2017 Schedule

Many have talked about how the Dallas Cowboys will not be the same in 2017. That is mainly true due to much of the big names on the defense leaving the team, the biggest losses being Morris Clairborne, Barry Church and Brandon Carr.

Experts have said that the projected Cowboys’ record is 9-7 or 8-8. Many fans have agteee with this projection. Does the schedule say 9-7 or 8-8? Better? Worse? This article breaks down the Dallas Cowboys 2017 schedule.

Week 1: vs New York Giants

The Giants were the only team to beat the Cowboys last season. This time around, the Cowboys defense has deteriorated and the Giants have added an impressive wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. It’s looking more and more like the Giants will have an easier time beating the Cowboys in Week 1.

Week 2: at Denver Broncos

Denver has a defense that could stop Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot and the Cowboys offense. However, the Broncos also have an offense that stops themselves. This will be a low-offense game with Dallas pulling it out by less than a touchdown.

Week 3: at Arizona Cardinals

The Cowboys have not had the best luck winning in Arizona over the last few years. However, this may the year their luck changes. Arizona’s offense is nowhere near as good as Dallas’ and their defense hasn’t been able to stop even the worst offenses. The Cowboys can win easily.

Week 4: vs Los Angeles Rams

As stated above, the Cardinals defense, one much better than Dallas’ now, couldn’t stop some of the worst offenses. The Rams offense is one of those. The Cowboys will be able to stop Jared Goff early and pull out an easy victory.

Week 5: vs Green Bay Packers

In a rematch of last year’s playoff matchup, this game could go down to the wire. Offensive mistakes kept the Cowboys out of it most of the time last time these two teams met. Don’t expect them to make the same mistakes. This game will feature a lot of offenses and many points will be scored. However, Green Bay’s defense will prevail and give them another win over Dallas.

Week 6: at San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers were an awful team last season. They’re an even worse team this coming season. The Cowboys will blow San Francisco out of the Bay Area.

Week 7: at Washington Redskins

The Redskins played the Cowboys close last season in both meetings last season. Now that Desean Jackson is no longer in Washington, Kirk Cousins and the Redskins may not be able to keep up with the Cowboys offense.

Week 9: vs Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas will be rejuvenated coming off their bye week as they play the Chiefs. If the defense can stop Tyreek Hill, they may be able to find a way to win. However, expect Hill to have a big game and break the hearts of Cowboys fans.

Week 10: at Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons may not make the playoffs in 2017, but they will also not lose to the Cowboys. They will dominate Dallas in all aspects. Cowboys fans may not want to watch this game.

Week 11: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were almost able to beat the Cowboys in their first meeting last season, then did beat them in the regular season finale. Now that Carson Wentz has two new weapons and Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith, the Eagles will more likely than not be able to beat the Cowboys.

Week 12: vs Los Angeles Chargers

Dallas hasn’t lost on Thanksgiving since 2012. They do face a challenge in the Chargers on Thanksgiving, however. Los Angeles doesn’t have the best offense in their own division, but it is good enough to beat the Cowboys.

Keenan Allen is returning from his ACL injury he suffered Week 1 last season. Melvin Gordon is coming off an amazing season. They have a new rookie wide receiver in Mike Williams, as well. Should Philip Rivers play a good game, the Chargers could find themselves eating turkey after a win in Dallas.

Week 13: vs Washington Redskins

Dallas is looking at another season sweep of the Redskins. It will be close, but Dallas should be able to prevail.

Week 14: at New York Giants

It’s like deja vu. After losing to the Giants Week 1 in Dallas, they’ll lose to them Week 14 at MetLife Stadium.

Week 15: at Oakland Raiders

December will be a rough month for the Cowboys. They’ll be going against an explosive offensive trio in Derek Carr, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. Their defense will be no match for them in a blowout loss.

Week 16: vs Seattle Seahawks

The misfortune continues as they face off against the Seahawks offensive explosion. The Cowboys offense won’t be able to save them either as the Seahawks defense will be all over them like a bad itch.

Week 17: at Philadelphia Eagles

The Cowboys season, and the year of 2017, will come to an abrupt end with a loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles.

After breaking down all games, it’s looking worse than experts think. If things play out the way they look according to this article, the Cowboys will finish 6-10.

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