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NFL: Top Five Teams for Johnny Manziel

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel has reportedly been in talks with several teams in returning to the league. While those teams are not known, there a few teams that could use a quarterback such as Manziel. Here’s five teams that could use him.

5. Dallas Cowboys

Yes, the Cowboys have Dak Prescott. But what if he goes down due to injury? Kellen Moore is okay, but he won’t help the Cowboys that much. They’ll need a quarterback that can pass and run well, just like Prescott. Manziel does just that.

4. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings will be hosting Super Bowl LII this season. However, with a quarterback such as Sam Bradford, they won’t be making the playoffs, let alone playing a home game in the Super Bowl. Manziel could be a good fit because he is good with not just his arms, but his legs as well.

3. Denver Broncos

Denver doesn’t have that ideal starting quarterback, despite having three on their roster. None of them are quarterbacks that could lead the team to the playoffs. Manziel is one that could lead his team to the postseason. What makes it all easier is that he has two good weapons in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders as well as a few impressive running backs in Jamaal Charles and Devontae Booker.

2. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have an amazing team. Unfortunately, they don’t have an amazing quarterback. Carson Palmer has been mediocre his whole career, despite an outstanding season in 2015-16. They need to move on from him and get a quarterback such as Manziel if they want to get back to the playoffs.

1. Cleveland Browns

Yes. The team that shunned Manziel could definitely use him back. The reason he was so bad with them in 2014 was because he had absolutely no help around him. Now, there’s much talent on the Browns to where should Manziel return to the team, they could finish second in the AFC North.

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