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Arizona Cardinals: Search for Next Quarterbacks Must Begin Now

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer fractured his arm in the team’s 33-0 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at Twickenhamm Stadium in London. He will miss a minimum of eight weeks and could potentially be out the rest of the season.

This has got to be it for Palmer. After almost a decade in the NFL with three teams and nothing to show for it but a bunch of injury, he needs to be done. It’s time for him to retire and allow Arizona to move on.

Clearly, Drew Stanton is not the answer either. Not after this season, at least. Since everyone knows that neither the Cardinals nor any team in the NFL will sign Colin Kaepernick, their next best bet is to look in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Drafting Quarterback Could Be Dire

There are several quarterbacks who could declare for the draft following the college football season. It would make no sense for USC quarterback Sam Darnold to enter as he has shown he’s far from ready. Plus if he declared now, he would not be anywhere near the first overall pick everyone projected him to be.

UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen could be a good fit in Arizona. He’s shown that even in the team’s toughest times, he can still be very impressive. However, he’ll probably be the second best quarterback in all mock drafts, so he’ll be off the board before the Cardinals selection.

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson would be a blessing in disguise for any team that drafts him. The junior could very likely declare for the draft. With his struggles the last couple games, he could also see his stock fall. Not too far, however. He could fall right into the hands of the Cardinals.

If he does, he would fit in perfectly. He would have two star receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown to throw. If neither were open and Jackson was being blitzed, he would be able to scramble and potentially gain a first down.

Then there’s the best quarterback in college football right now, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield. He, like Rosen, shines when his team struggles. He also has his team in the top 10 in the College Football Playoff Rankings.

It’s unlikely he will fall too far in the first round however, making him unavailable for Arizona. The only other quarterback likely to declare for the 2018 Draft is Wyoming’s Josh Allen. He, too, isn’t NFL ready just yet.

It appears the best option for Arizona will be Jackson. He would be, as mentioned above, a blessing in disguise and would work well with the team. That is if they decide to draft a quarterback.

Next Franchise Quarterback in Free Agency

There’s still the option of free agency. There are currently four quarterbacks that are going to be free agents in 2018: Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, Jimmy Garoppolo and Sam Bradford. Check Drew Brees off that list. The New Orleans Saints will not let him go.

There is a chance the New England Patriots let Garoppolo go and they draft another quarterback. Bradford wouldn’t do well enough to help Arizona do any better than where they’re at now. Plus, he’s always injured.

So if would be between Garoppolo and Cousins. There have been multiple reports that Cousins will be joining the San Francisco 49ers in 2018, but those are just rumors at this point.

Cousins could do well with Arizona, as well. In 2016, his two 1,000 yard receivers were Pierre Garçon and Desean Jackson. Fitzgerald and Brown would be upgrades to that.

Put Palmer Out

Whether draft or free agency, the Cardinals have got to get themselves a new quarterback. Palmer should call it a career at this point as he has shown nothing but the fact that he’s injury-prone and his 2015 season was a fluke.

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