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NBA: Golden State Warriors win NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions once again.

For the second time in three years, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors hoisted up the trophy. They claimed the title after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, 129-120 last night. The Warriors won the series 4-1.

“This was what we talked about this whole year,” Curry said, “realizing this goal and understanding how important we both would be to the equation, along with our teammates, and learned a lot about each other going through this journey.”

As for both teams, it was their third straight trip to the NBA Finals.

And for Cleveland’s Lebron James, he is the first NBA MVP to lose five NBA Finals.

Cleveland had the lead in the first quarter, scoring 37-33, but then lost the lead at halftime, with Golden State leading 71-60.

However, in the end, the final score is what matters.

Kevin Durant led Golden State in points with 39 points, followed by Curry with 34 points. Off the bench, Andre Iguodala scored 20 points.

“The stuff you hear about Steph as far as sacrificing and being selfless and caring about his teammates, caring about other people is real,” Durant said. “It’s not a fake. It’s not a facade. He doesn’t put on this mask or this suit every single day to come in here and fake in front of you guys. He really is like that. And it’s amazing to see a superstar who sacrifices, who doesn’t care about nothing but the group.”

As for Cleveland, James led the squad with 41 points, followed by Kyrie Irving with 26 points and J.R. Smith with 25 points.

Winning the NBA Finals MVP title was Durant, who came to the Warriors in 2016.

“It feels great to win, but to go against somebody I view as like a rival, personally, is an amazing feeling to beat him,” Durant said.

“Well, I’m not happy he won his first,” James said, referring to Durant. “I’m not happy at all. But at the end of the day, from when I played him in the 2012 Finals to now, like I said, experience is the best teacher in life, and he’s just experiencing and experiencing and experiencing. And it also helps when you are able to experience some things with this team, as well. He felt like he needed to reassemble and reassess his career and come here.”


Photo of Kevin Durant courtesy of Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

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