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NBA: Top Destinations for Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has reportedly requested a trade from the team before next season. There are of questions unanswered on the subject.

Does he want to go because Lebron James is most likely headed to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018? Is it because he discovered James wanted him gone after they won the title in 2016? Or is it because he wants to be the lead guy on a team?

No matter the reason, Irving has made it clear that he wants out of Cleveland. He has even named his top four destinations; the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves and New York Knicks. Most believe he wants to be the top guy on his team. If that’s so, here is how he would fit on each team and which he should want to go to.

NBA: Top Destinations for Kyrie Irving

4. San Antonio Spurs

Irving’s top destination on his top four seems to be in San Antonio. However, if he is looking to be the top guy on the team, the Spurs is not the team to be playing on. Kawhi Leonard is and will continue to be the top guy in San Antonio.

Going to the Spurs will just be like playing in Cleveland for Irving. He will be playing in another – better – player’s shadow.

3. New York Knicks

When it comes to the Knicks, this might be the last resort for all but one reason – the New York City nightlife. The Knicks will continue to be a bad team for the next couple years and Irving will not put that big a dent in the team’s success.

Not only that, but he will not be the top guy there, either. New York loves Kristaps Porzingis. The fans, the coaches, the owners have made him the top guy in the city that never sleeps. Even if Irving did come to town, he wouldn’t be the top guy and the Knicks would still lose at least 50 games.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota went into last season looking like a playoff team, but wound up with 51 losses. They have made a few moves this offseason, including acquiring Jimmy Butler. The moves they’ve made may have made them a better team, and Irving could have an impact, but he may not be the top guy on that team. He would be competing for that with Butler.

Not only that, but there’s always the strong possibility that the T-Wolves finish out of the playoff picture again. They had a “super team” last season and went 31-51. Who’s to say history won’t repeat itself in 2017-18?

1. Miami Heat

The Heat are the perfect team for Irving. Miami doesn’t currently have a top guy. They just have a team full of players with great chemistry that work together very well. Adding Irving to that mix would make the Heat a more serious threat in the Eastern Conference.

They’re already looking like they will make the playoffs in 2017-18 and could go far. With Irving leading the way with a team that works together better than any in the league, the Heat could see themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals next May.


Photo of Kyrie Irving courtesy of Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

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