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NFL: Top Games of 2017 Preseason

Not many really care about the NFL preseason because they believe it’s not “real football” and that it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t count. It matters, however. The preseason answers many of questions for many teams. Here are the top games of the 2017 preseason.

Bears-Broncos Week 1

This may be the best of them all. Both teams are looking to see who their starting quarterback will be for the 2017 season. Chicago drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. However, there’s a huge possibility that he is not ready to be the starter. This game will show if he is or not.

For Denver, they have three quarterbacks who could start for them Week 1. Yes, that includes Mr. Irrelevant, Chad Kelly. All three quarterbacks will see playing time in this game. Whoever plays best will be the favorite moving forward. Still, there’s more games to be played.

Giants vs Steelers, Week 1

The starters will barely play in this game. However, if they were to play, this would’ve been a possible Super Bowl preview. Both offenses are two of the best in the league. The first series for both sides could be something we see in Super Bowl LII.

Steelers vs Falcons, Week 2

Another match up of two stacked offenses, we’ll see more of the starters in Week 2. This means that we’ll see more excitement between these two amazing teams.

Falcons-Cardinals, Week 3

With more starters seeing more play time as the preseason continues, seeing the Falcons offense against the Cardinals defense will be a match up no one will want to miss.

Buccaneers vs Browns, Week 3

Go ahead and laugh that the Browns are on this list. But their offense is looking like it could actually compete, especially if they start the right quarterback. Not only that, but they have a great guy on their defensive line in Myles Garrett. Plus they have Corey Coleman, who could do well if healthy.

The reason this match up is interesting is because they’re going up against a highly-anticipated Buccaneers team with a stud in Jameis Winston and two weapons in Mike Evans and Desean Jackson.

Cowboys vs Raiders, Week 3

There’s going to be a lot of scoring in this game that features two great quarterbacks in Derek Carr and Dak Prescott. Both quarterbacks also have several wide receivers and a good running back to back them up. This will be an interesting match up everyone should watch, whether it be live or the replay on NFL Network.

Patriots vs Giants, Week 4

This is also another possible Super Bowl preview. Eli Manning will face off against Tom Brady in this game as starters will play most of the game. These teams have met twice in the Super Bowl and they could meet in the big game again this season. This game will show what to expect if and/or when they do meet in Minnesota.

Raiders vs Seahawks, Week 4

There’s many reasons fans should watch this game. Both offenses are two of the best, Marshawn Lynch will be playing against his former team. The list goes on. With both offenses playing their starters most of the game, this will be interesting to watch.

Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

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