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Previewing and Predicting Golovkin-Alvarez

Ever since Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin announced back in May that they will be squaring off in an epic middleweight bout – boxing fans both die-hard and casual have had this day circled on the calendar.

Having endured the Mayweather-McGregor hype that took away from much of the media build-up prior to this epic showdown  – the wait is finally over with sport possibly enjoying its biggest fanbase in the past 10 years.

While Las Vegas sportsbooks, experts, and fans alike can sit back and try to predict this bout and how it will unfold – this is one of those rare times in the long illustrious history of this sport were predicting the outcome is truly nothing more than a 50/50 educated guess.

Many will point to the well-documented knockout power of Golovkin (37-0, 33 KOs) when giving him the edge while others will point to the youth and speed advantage of Alvarez in giving him the nod.

Golovkin, 35, is probably going to do everything he can to cut down the ring and force Alvarez to a place he is surprisingly comfortable at – on the ropes while Alvarez should be looking to use his speed and land some body blows to slow down Golovkin and his power while trying to keep at a safe distance much like Daniel Jacobs did against Golovkin.

While Golovkin will be looking to land that one stunning blow early – look for Alvarez to try and take this fight into deep waters before using his superior countering ability down the stretch while landing some strong and accurate combinations.

Alvarez, 27, knows that a victory over Golovkin could catapult him into the next huge Pay-Per-View king – a position that is up for grabs with the permanent retirement of Floyd Mayweather – while Golovkin is looking to silence the critics who claim his resume lacks a true marquee victory over a Hall of Fame type opponent.

While predicting this bout is far from a guarantee as mentioned earlier – I would have to lean towards Canelo to weather the early round storm and pressure from Golovkin before wearing down the champion and earning a late round stoppage.

Mark me down for Canelo in 9 as the Mexican hero improves his record to 50-1-1.


Photo of Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez courtesy of HBO Sports.

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Brian Whan
Brian Whan is a boxing contributor for RSENReport and also runs a website in his home city of Youngstown, Ohio covering the local boxing scene. You can follow Brian on Twitter @bee_whan. In his spare time, Brian enjoys spending time with his daughter, Victoria and watching the Minnesota Gophers and all Cleveland pro teams.

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