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WWE: Vince Deserves All The Blame: Part 4

Back in October of 2015, I started a series called “Vince Deserves All The Blame”

Part 1 provided a broad overview of WWE and their ratings. Part 2 detailed Vince McMahon‘s love for nostalgia. Part 3 went into heavy detail about Vince’s failures with the talents from NXT.

While WWE has been awful over the last 20 months since I published Part 3, nothing in particular triggered me to begin working on a Part 4. That was until I heard about Bayley: This Is Your Life. I felt uneasy when I heard about it because the only This Is Your Life segment that got over happened 18 years ago.

For those that don’t watch RAW, Alexa Bliss held a segment for Bayley that detailed Bayley’s life. We were introduced to Bayley’s old teacher, Mrs. Flapper and Bayley’s former bestfriend. Oh and her very tall ex-boyfriend. This was bad. This was very bad.

This segment was before Alexa Bliss and Bayley’s Kendo Stick on a Pole Match. Isn’t in ironic that a segment WCW 2000 bad has a feud end with an object on a pole match? Anyway, Bayley would go on to lose to Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules.

The loss combined with that terrible segment has completely killed Bayley. Fans have given up on Bayley very quickly and it shouldn’t be like that.

Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Mickie James are all on the RAW Women’s roster. They either get no reaction or they’ll get lucky and get a nice pop every now and then. That is a problem and it didn’t just randomly happen.

Mickie James:
10 years ago, Mickie James was carrying the RAW Women’s division on her back alongside Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix. Mickie at one point was the most over female heel in the entire world. She had a nice run as a babyface, but somewhere between 2010 and today, people stopped caring about her.

Mickie returned to WWE in November of 2016 and lost to Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto. She would be revealed as La Luchadora on the January 17th, 2017 episode of Smackdown Live and get no reaction from the crowd. Her return was dead from Day 1.

Instead of building her back up to a talent that could be believable and liked, they do nothing with her. They make her into this legend that’s back for one more ‘hoorah’ in the ring. Mickie can still wrestle circles around some of those women on the RAW roster and Vince doesn’t realize it.

Mickie at her age should not be the focal point of the division, but she should play an intricate part in the division. She shouldn’t be relegated to 6 women tag team matches at Live Events. It’s a shame that Vince can’t see the talent anymore.

Nia Jax:
I won’t give Vince a pass on Nia Jax. A lot of people think that Nia Jax is boring and green in the ring. I personally think that Nia plays her monster heel role well, but she could be better. She tries to do what monster heels are supposed to do, but something isn’t clicking with the fans.

Nia is…well, not like most girls in WWE. She’s a lot larger than the average woman in the WWE, and that’s not a problem at all. She’s just a conflicting heel and that falls on Vince 100%.

When I say conflicting I mean she plays the heel on TV, but then is a babyface on social media. It’s kind of hard to boo someone that tells you to be proud of who you on their social media accounts.

She’s the big monster heel and Vince somehow screwed that up. Nia should’ve been booked like the Authors of Pain in NXT. They can still do that, but I don’t think Vince sees the value in that.

Alexa Bliss:
I’ll give Vince an ounce of credit for Alexa. Alexa was killing it on Smackdown. She got drafted almost a year ago to Smackdown Live, and they strapped the rocket ship to her back and let her carry that Women’s division. Vince got her to RAW and she won the RAW Women’s title.

When she got to RAW, she got hit with some reality. The reality is that Vince doesn’t care enough about the RAW Women. Women should be a focal point on a show that runs for 3 hours. I was on the Alexa hype train, but then I saw them set her up for failure two Monday’s ago.

They threw her out there with a segment that would’ve failed even if Trish Stratus was doing it. It was so scripted, it was so corny, and it made Alexa look silly. Vince read the entire script and he APPROVED IT.

So, in the span of one week, the crowd went from cheering Alexa, to booing her and calling her boring. Alexa doesn’t have the ability to fall back on her in-ring ability. She needs her character to get over. Vince completely ruined it in one night.

What makes me even more upset is that Alexa Bliss is the current RAW Women’s Champion. He booked his champion to go out there and look like an idiot. This division is dying a quick death due to Vince McMahon and his inability to book female talent.

Sasha Banks:
Remember that night when Sasha Banks debuted on RAW and locked Nikki Bella in the Bank Statement? Remember when they were actually pushing her as a contender and someone fans should care about? That was when Vince actually cared about his Women’s division.

Sasha Banks teaming with Rich Swann and Alexa Bliss’ terrible segment with Bayley are the two things that triggered a response from me. At Extreme Rules on Sunday, Sasha Banks was apart of a tag team match that should’ve been on the Pre-Show.

Sasha isn’t as lost as the Nia Jax or Mickie James, but she’s on her way there. Vince’s inability to book women when there isn’t a title involved is the reason Sasha is working with Alicia Fox.

What Now?
When you ruin someone’s character and don’t make them seem important to your audience, then they’re pretty much done. This isn’t something that can’t be fixed. It’s a very fixable situation and its only one thing.


Smackdown Live does a fantastic job of making all of their female talent seem important. They’re allowing them the chance to compete in the first ever Women’s Money in The Bank. Every woman on Smackdown gets TV time almost every week and they’re apart of something on the show.

Vince McMahon isn’t giving us anything or anyone to care about on RAW. So, as of today, this Womens Revolution for RAW is dead. It’s dead until Vince decides to make his RAW Women seem important.

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