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WWE: Money In The Bank 2017 Predictions

Tonight at Money in The Bank, Randy Orton looks to regain the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal in his hometown of St. Louis, MO.

Smackdown Tag Team ChampionshipThe Usos (c) vs The New Day:
I don’t want to see The Usos lose their tag titles, but I expect it to happen tonight. The Usos are in the same position as Cesaro and Sheamus. There aren’t enough babyface tag teams on their shows.

If The Usos lose then it allows this tag feud to keep going. I think New Day and The Usos could keep this entertaining feud going until Summerslam if they wanted to. Also, it just doesn’t make sense to have New Day lose their first Smackdown PPV match.
Winners: The New Day

Money in The Bank Ladder MatchCharlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Carmella:
It wouldn’t make sense for Charlotte or Becky Lynch to win while Naomi is champion. That leaves Natalya, Tamina, and Carmella as the only potential winners. Natalya has been incredibly boring on Smackdown Live and I don’t think anyone would care if she were to win. Tamina has gotten her hands on Naomi and she’s pinned Naomi in the middle of the ring.

That leaves Carmella as the only option left. I don’t believe she is leaving St. Louis with the briefcase. I believe someone is returning tonight and winning the match.

WWE’s Twitter account tweeted that six women would be taking part in Money in The Bank. So, that narrows it down to Nikki Bella or the returning, Maria Kanellis. I think Nikki Bella is returning and winning the Money in The Bank Ladder match.
Winner: Nikki Bella

Smackdown Women’s Championship —  Naomi (c) vs Lana:
Smackdown Live really is the land of opportunity. Lana has been used as nothing, but Rusev‘s manager since she debuted on RAW. She’s been forced into the Women’s Title picture on Smackdown Live.

I don’t see them putting the title on Lana in her first match, but I do think it’ll happen somewhere down the line. I think Naomi does retain tonight.
Winner: Naomi

Money in The Bank Ladder MatchKevin Owens vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn:
I don’t think think Kevin Owens is winning nor do I think Dolph Ziggler is winning. There’s no value in Sami Zayn winning the match either. So, to leaves Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura sneaking in and cashing in Money In The Bank doesn’t even sound right. I predicted months ago that’s Baron Corbin would be Mr. Money In The Bank and I’m sticking to it. Corbin then cashes in on the babyface that beats Jinder Mahal.

Winner: Baron Corbin

WWE Championship — Jinder Mahal (c) vs Randy Orton:
Rumors were circulating that WWE might put the WWE Championship on Jinder Mahal at Backlash. The rumors proved to be true and Jinder Mahal pinned Randy Orton and became the WWE Champion. It’s been a whole month and people are still either upset with it or in love with it.

This match is taking place in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, MO. If you know WWE then you know that nobody ever wins in their hometown. Jinder has been getting crowd reactions, but I feel like he needs to get better on promo’s.

WWE begins their tour of India in 3 months, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to lose. I think when you combine those two things, you don’t get a title change. We remain in the era of the MODERN DAY MAHARAJA!
Winner: Jinder Mahal

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