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WWE: NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Predictions

Bobby Roode defends the NXT Championship against Drew McIntyre in the main event of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III.

Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami:

Hideo is boring. That’s me putting it as simple as possible. They’ve been pushing Aleister Black to the moon since his debut, so I don’t expect him to lose. I don’t even think Hidoe should get in a ton of offense either.

This match should be used to showcase Aleister against someone that brings a totally different style into the ring. Aleister will be a star in NXT, so he needs to stack up wins now.
Winner: Aleister Black

Johnny Gargano vs Andrade Almas:
Johnny Gargano has been lost since Tommaso Ciampa turned on him. Since Ciampa is out with an ACL injury, they don’t want to put Gargano into a long term feud.

Andrade is in the middle of being repackaged. He’s become a ladies man and he has a valet. So, why would you have him lose when you’re trying to show us that he’s not a loser? Andrade steals a win here.
Winner: Andrade Almas

NXT Women’s Championship — Asuka vs Ember Moon:
I didn’t think it was possible to book someone as strong as Asuka. NXT has done nothing but book themselves into a corner with Asuka. There isn’t one female talent on that NXT roster that would look believable beating Asuka.

They gave us Asuka vs Ember Moon at Takeover: Orlando and Asuka won. That killed every credible threat for Asuka. Apart of me wants to have her lose the championship and then go to the main roster, but I don’t think she’ll stand out on Smackdown Live or RAW.

I feel like they’re saving Asuka’s first loss for Kairi Sane (Kairi Hojo). I think Kairi wins the Mae Young Classic and gets a shot at Asuka. It’ll be feud with almost no English, but the wrestling would be great.
Winner: Asuka

NXT Tag Team Championship — Authors of Pain (c) vs SAnitY:
The Authors of Pain have gone through #DIY and The Revival since they’ve been champions. A lot of people think they’re incredibly green, but I think they’re good enough for the monster heel role they portray.

A couple of weeks ago, Eric Young returned and helped take out A.O.P. That made sAnitY actually look like a believable challenger because we’ve never seen anyone dominate A.O.P. They didn’t look like monsters anymore.

I don’t think any of that will matter tonight. A.O.P. will not be defeated tonight.
Winners: Authors of Pain

NXT Championship  — Bobby Roode (c) vs Drew McIntyre:
Drew McIntyre is not the right person to take the title off of Bobby Roode. The person to take the title off of Bobby Roode should be Roderick Strong.

NXT finally started revealing parts of Roderick Strong’s life and what’s his motive for being in the wrestling business. They’re trying to get us to care about him, but they don’t want it to seem rushed or forced.

For that reason, I have Bobby Roode retaining tonight at Takeover. I think Bobby retains and we see Roderick Strong slither his way into the title feud for the next Takeover.
Winner: Bobby Roode

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